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For Owners

Premier Rentals is Ketchikan's finest property management company. We provide professional leasing and management services for both residential and commercial property owners. Because we are licensed real estate professionals we are bound, and adhere to all Alaskan laws for protecting your property and your rental income. We work to make things streamlined for an efficient and satisfying experience.


In short, we can help you protect your investment, minimize costs, and maximize income.

For residential properties we offer both long-term and seasonal rentals. Long-term rentals require a 12+ month lease and both summer and winter seasonal rentals normally require a 5-6 month lease. The summer season is April-September and the Winter season is October-March. For commercial properties we offer various service options depending on the property and business needs.


We offer three levels of service to best meet your needs:

Under a standard management contract, Premier Rentals provides:

  • Online application

  • Maintenance request coordination 

  • Custom marketing and advertising

  • Receipt and processing of rental applications

  • Tenant screening (including credit inquiry, and background checks, and references)

  • Lease agreements

  • Property inspections (before, during, and after tenancy)

  • Setting, collecting, and adjusting rents based on market conditions (with owner's consent)

  • Bookkeeping for properties (rent, maintenance)

  • Handling complaints and responding to emergencies

  • Addressing and scheduling maintenance

  • Evictions and legally required documentation

  • Owner and tenant portal for full visibility to what is going on with your property

Call, email, or contact us using the form below, to discuss your needs and to learn why Premier Rentals is different. Questions are always welcome!

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If you are looking for hard-working, dedicated professionals to rent and care for your property, your search is over. Premier, with their modern technologies and old-fashion values and hard working team, is by far, the best property management company you will ever find. 

Ron Towne

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